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2023 Best Destinations For Newly Wedded Couples


As we start the new year, we are sure there are several destinations on your bucket list that you and your loved one desire to explore during holidays or vacations. Here are the best destinations for newly wedded couples.

So are you planning to get away from everything with the one you love? We are sure you are looking for the perfect place to take your partner for the treat. Whether you’re looking for the best vacations for young couples or the best relaxing vacations for couples, we all know that your significant person deserves an unforgettable trip to one of the best destinations for newly wedded couples in the world.

Probably, you two are looking for a quiet romantic place. To escape for your birthdays, Valentine’s day, summer, or winter, and make it extra special.

Whether you both are intertwined by your love for beaches and outdoor fun or cozy activities and indoor fun you can find your suitable destination.

Do you know that a suitable destination can help rekindle your spark with your loved one?

Regardless of your intentions, be reassured that we have carefully selected some awesome romantic destinations from different parts of the world specially for you and your loved one to enjoy in 2023!

Here is a list of some amazing destinations you and your loved ones should make plans to enjoy together


This nation is considered one of the most romantic places on earth. Starting from the snow down to the scorching sun, there is something romantic about it. The mountains covered with snow, lakes, and green farms are breathtaking and perfect for making romantic memories. 


In addition, this location is excellent for outdoor activities such as skydiving, skiing, and hiking. You can plan your vacation between April and June and also September and October to enjoy these outdoor activities and lots more!


The capital of Argentina Buenos Aires is nicknamed the “City of love”. It is considered one of the most romantic getaway destinations in the world and one of the best destinations for newly wedded couples. This home of about 15 million people is characterized by fun, romantic gestures, and activities.


In Argentina, you two can enjoy the famous tango dance at any of the numerous tango and milonga bars. Marvel at the architectural beauty of the city and fascinating buildings such as the Great El Ateneo Grand Splendid bookshop,  and lots more. You two can also take walks in the beautiful parks and enjoy endless beauty in the art-splashed streets of Palermo. Lastly, you can enjoy the delicious cuisine of Argentina ranging from flavourful wine to the most succulent steak. This city is known for its magnificent food and is perfect for foodie lovers.


We know when you hear of Spain, you automatically think of Barcelona or Madrid. Well, we are introducing you to the third largest city in Spain-Valencia!


While the two largest cities in Spain focus more on investment in finance and tech, Valencia isn’t. This city is known for its arts and creativity-perfect for vacation if you ask me. Valencia has stunning buildings like the Oceanografic which is one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture ever built.

Slipping drinks in each other’s arms while watching the sun rise and set on the  Mediterranean Sea is a romantic everyone deserves! This city is graced with vibrant and beautiful green parks like the Turia park which cut across the heart of Valencia. Lastly, Valencia offers some awesome Flamenco show, that can be enjoyed alongside some soft seafood from the Spanish seacoast. This beautiful city is ideal for anniversaries, and memorial celebrations and is one of the best destinations for newly wedded couples.

South Africa

You may be thinking of going to Cape Town, well we are suggesting you visit Cape Peninsula instead. This city in South Africa is not like the regular must-see Cape Town. It is a beautiful nature city that is known for a wide range of animal species. Cape Peninsula is a perfect place for animal lovers who desire to have close contact with animals on free range. 


When you visit Cape Peninsula, you get to enjoy the magnificent Mountains while taking a ride down the west coast to the tip of the peninsula. This slight leaves you in awe of the gigantic landscape surrounding you.

In spring, you will be opportune to see dolphins and whales swimming through the crisp ocean waves. You will also come across the cutest penguins at Boulders Beach and relax with some delicious African cuisine in one of the towns around. Cape Peninsula sounds interesting, right? book a flight and let’s plan your trip to one of the best destinations for newly wedded couples.


Yes, France is on this list because Paris is there and it’s top on the list of romantic places in the world and definitely one of the best destinations for newly wedded couples. We have seen numerous people get engaged at the famous Eiffel towers in Paris. Have you heard of the seine River? There is nothing more magical in Paris than taking boat cruises on the river with your loved ones along the seine, especially during sunset. You get to witness the sun going down and the true light of the city coming up from magnificent sceneries. The Eiffel towers, Notre Dame cathedral, and Musée d’Orsay all glittered at that time.

While you are feeding your eyes with some beautiful sights, you can feed your mouth on some delicious cuisines of France with wine to accompany it. You can also dine at Le Jules Verne restaurant or Le 58 Tour Eiffel on the tower. Does this sound like somewhere you will love to visit?


There is more to Paris!

You two can lock a love padlock at any of the bridges in Paris just like at the famous Pont des Arts Bridge and take photos at any of the bridges. Lastly, you can visit the “love wall” in the Jehan Rictus garden square in Montmartre, this wall that about 40 square meters and features 311 “I love you” in 250 different languages. Many couples who have visited this place took photos in front of the wall of love. Indeed Paris is a city of love and worth every single moment spent there with a significant other!

Hey, close your eyes! Imagine you and your loved one holding hands at any of these locations. Awesome right? Now take the first step and talk to us now! Let’s get started on making that dream a reality! If you are looking for the best honeymoon destinations on a budget or the best vacation destinations in 2023. We got you and we promise you will enjoy every moment of your honeymoon or vacation.


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