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How to Book a Flight Online


Everything done online is so convenient; do you know that you can book a flight online too?

If you are curious about how to book a flight online, this article will satisfy your curiosity and even more. At the end of this piece, you will know how to book a flight and the necessary information needed as well as the various airlines you can explore both within and outside Nigeria.

In the last five years, the frequency of travelling by air has increased rapidly in Nigeria. This can majorly be attributed to two factors; improved air services in the country and poor road systems.

Like every service in Nigeria, there are organizations that ensure that the needs of the people are met in regard to their services. One such is travelconet where experts are available to make your air travel stress free while rendering top-notch service.

Even though many people are enjoying the features of air travel such as safety, speed and hassle-free, many are still new to it and seek to explore this service.


What is the best way to book a flight online

Booking a flight is one of the most explored services of most airline agencies, this simple activity always seems difficult for new users and can leave them confused and in doubt about the airline to use. However, having the right guide like this piece will help you know what to do on how to book a flight. Keep reading!

As a developing country, Nigeria is adopting the whole online service system which is so easy and a lot convenient to access. Most Nigerian airlines such as Air Peace, Arik Air, Dana Air, and Azman Air are offering online platforms that enable travellers conveniently handle their airline and travel bookings and others at their comfort.

Various airlines’ online platforms showcase different features and thrive in their uniqueness. While some airlines offer basic flight booking, others offer extra services such as online rescheduling of flights, e-payment, e-ticketing, hotel reservations, transport transfer, and checking in online.

You may have just decided to jet off to your dream vacation or have some business that needs your attention immediately but do you know how to book a flight to your destinations? Whether it’s for a domestic or an international trip, it’s easy to book a flight in Nigeria as well as buy a plane ticket.

Basically, to book a flight, you have two booking options available regardless of whether you’re travelling within or outside Nigeria.

You can either go directly to the booking site of the airline you choose to use and book there.  For instance, if you want to book a flight with Air Peace, you have to visit air peace flight booking to do that.

The other option is booking through a travel agency. This simply means you are using a third-party website to book a flight. The top advantage here is you can see alternative flights available and compare their prices without visiting their own sites.

As a new user regardless of the options you choose, you need to carry out the following outline steps to book a flight:

  • Know your destination and the travel dates.
  • Identify an air carrier website or a flight booking site.
  • Select your cities of departure and arrival.
  • Add your travel dates.
  • Scan your flight options and select your ideal flight.
  • Fill in the passenger details (ensure that all details are correct).
  • Add other details such as extra luggage or insurance.
  • Select your flight class (this will determine the price of the flight ticket).
  • Choose your preferred payment option.

If you select “pay later” a booking reference will be provided and can be used to make payments later either online or at any outlet.

  • Buy plane tickets.
  • Check your email for copies of your tickets.

You can either print your tickets or take soft copies to the airport. Both are acceptable as long as they have the correct booking reference and details.

In addition, most airline booking websites are wired to remember your details so using the same websites, especially with travel agents makes your booking easier and some agencies even remind you of your flight dates in case it slips your mind.

How to book a domestic flight online in Nigeria


Flight a flight ticket you should know how to book a domestic flight online in Nigeria. First, let’s get to know what are domestic flights?

In simple terms, domestic flights are referred to flights taken within Nigeria from one city to another. It is also called local flights.  

All Nigerian flights are handled by airlines whose operators are mostly within Nigeria. Some of these airlines are Arik Air, Azman Air, Flyareo Air, Air Peace, Med-View Airline, Max Air, and Dana Air.  

Booking a domestic flight in Nigeria isn’t difficult at all. All that is required is for you to provide the few required details about yourself and your travel. It does not require your physical presence or visa.

Majorly the details required are your name as on your ID card, class of flight, date of intended travel, and destination. This will be used to generate your booking reference number which is normally on your booking ticket. Immediately you make payments, you get your e-tickets and you can easily board your flight on the chosen date.

The means of identification used while booking must be the same ID used at boarding. The accepted IDs in Nigeria are National IDs, Driver’s licenses, voter’s cards, international passports and NYSC for those serving. Note that your form of identification must be valid for the intended dates of travel.

In Nigeria, individuals below the age of 16 are booked as children and bookings are done by parents or guardians. Some airlines have 60% discounts for those below 16 years and above 3 years while 50% for toddlers.

Almost all the Leading Nigerian airlines have online booking services that allow one to book and buy flight tickets without necessarily visiting their office or the airport.

How  to book an international flight online in Nigeria


The process of travellingout of Nigeria for the first time can be stressful and confusing. From getting an international passport to the visa application process than booking an international flight down to getting accommodation can be a lot for a first-timer. Still, with the right travel agency, it’s like scrolling on Instagram.

There are three things you must do regardless of your destination:

1. International passport: The first thing to do is to get an international passport as it is essential before you book an international flight to travel to another country from Nigeria. In case you do not have an International passport, you can apply for it online here or visit any of the immigration offices across Nigeria. Alternatively, you can let us help you get your International passport.

2. Visa Application: After getting your international passport, you need to file an application for a visa at the embassy of the country you wish to travel to. You can check online for the visa requirements of your desired destination. An agent at travelconet is always available to assist get the necessary information on visa applications.

3. Book a flight: Just like booking a domestic flight, you can search online or use a travel agent. Most Nigerian airlines do not fly outside the country and most first times find it difficult to navigate international airline websites. Don’t be like others, visit travelconet.com page and find a suitable flight for your destination. We can also help you get affordable accommodation and transportation at your destination.

The steps required to book an international flight online are almost the same as that of a domestic flight just that in case of an international flight, you need to insert your correct passport details( name, number and date of birth).


We are sure you agree with us that it is easy to book a flight online in Nigeria. This article has provided all the necessary information on how to book a flight online, the steps and how to book an international flight in Nigeria. You shouldn’t have any issues booking your next flight. In case you are wondering where to visit, find out the top destinations for vacations in 2023.

You can also talk to us today and have the most seamless travel ever!


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